Despétalas-Repétalas , Manifesto-me em ti - Recosntruo-te em em mim
Londrina, Brazil, 2010

MANINFESTARTE- Performance, intervention, manifestation, action. From August 13th to 30th, 2010. Event held at the Casa de Cultura - State University of Londrina. Performance in partnership with the artist Mavi Veloso.

The performance "Unpetal - Re-petal, I manifest myself  in you, I rebuild you in me" in partnership with the artist Mavi Veloso is a reflection on the body's vulnerability and transformation through gender identification. The identification with the body we are born doesn't always happen. Metamorphosis is necessary, peeling layers, breaking shields and social patterns. "Unpetal - Re-petal, like a flower that was born to bloom.

In the performance, Mavi stands naked in the center of the room and Tahis walks towards him, where she begins to paint Mavi's body. Then glue is spread over his body. As it dries, this second skin is peeled off the body and put on display on the floor. The two artists walk out of the room together.

“Self metamorphose coming from the skin. naked skin, rip out from its cover that protects from the cold, life shield, social shield, protection of the shames, blanc canvas, beginnings, tattooing, make-uping, painting, cross-dressing for life. And then, despetal, rip out, repetal.” - Mavi Veloso


“Deconstruct me in you, remake you in me. Awake you in me, undo me in you. Equate me in you, ignore you in me. manifest me in you, rebuild you in me.” - Tahis DZ

Video and Edition: Emilia Aidar.