Skin, Flesh and Soil

Cotia, Brazil, 2016

The Video Performance 'Skin, Flesh and Soil' addresses the aspect of the body's transformation through the cycle of its death.


The performance starts with the artist laying on a bed in a fetus position, representing the beginning of life. She stands up and sits on a chair where she envolves herself in a mixture of red, pink and white paint, representing the flesh in its development throu life. She stands and perform slow movements. Time passes by and after the paint is dry, a glue layer is added. As the glue dries, the artist starts pealing off the paint and glue attached to her body as a dry skin, in a representation of dissolution, decomposition and disintegration of the being. The performance ends after the whole cycle has been completed and the artist slowly bend  towards the floor, going back to a fetus position, until she reaches the soil, where the body finally rests.